On its way to Mars!

Last week Nasa launched the Mars 2020 Perseverance rover, which is featuring nine CMV20000 20 Mpixel image sensors that we had developed at CMOSIS. All the engineering cameras on the rover use this device, which were selected as commercial off-the-shelf devices, suited for this job. Eight imagers are used for autonomous and manual navigation of the rover on the red planet. One of the cameras inspects ground samples that the rover is collecting.

You can read more about these engineering cameras here: https://www.hou.usra.edu/meetings/lpsc2020/pdf/2663.pdf

Beyond that, there’s also a CMV4000 imager in the Supercam instrument, mounted on the head of the rover. The remote micro imager helps to select the location for interesting samples in the vicinity of the rover and provides some science on its own. CNES had an important contribution on this instrument and did also quite some work on radiation testing of the cmv4000 imager.



Looking forward to landing on Mars, next February. I can’t wait to see those images!