Guy Meynants has been involved in R&D on image sensors since 1994, when he started a Ph.D. on a single chip color CMOS imager in 1994 at IMEC. He was one of the founders of FillFactory end of 1999. Early 2006 he joined IMEC-NL where he worked on ultra-low power sensor interfacing and power regulators for wireless sensor networks. In November 2007 he founded CMOSIS nv to focus on the development of CMOS image sensors. He was President & CEO of CMOSIS until May 2009 and served as CTO and VP R&D until December 2015. After AMS acquired CMOSIS he became AMS Engineering Fellow. He left AMS in March 2019. 

Guy joined Photolitics in spring 2019. Since October 2021, he is also a professor at the Advise research lab of KU Leuven, teaching Image Sensors, Control Systems Design and Mathematical Signal Analysis, and performing research on image sensors in challenging environments.  He is also board member and secretary of the International Image Sensor Society, and acted as the Technical Program Chair of the 2021 IISW.

Guy obtained a Ph.D. from KU Leuven in 1998 and a Masters degree in electrical engineering from the same university in 1994. He is co-inventor on 30 patents and has co-authored 60+ scientific publications.