Tutorial article published on column ramp AD converters for image sensors

Together with Albert Theuwissen of TU Delft and Harvest Imaging, I wrote a tutorial article on column ramp AD converters. Starting from the basic architecture of ramp converters, the article dives deeper into circuit aspects such as the comparator design, the benefits of counters over latches and the limitations of the architecture . The article is published in the inaugural issue of “Foundations and Trends in Integrated Circuits and Systems”, a new journal that provides short monographs, overview and review articles on a specific topic in the field, edited by prof. G. Gielen (KU Leuven). It can be found here: https://www.nowpublishers.com/article/Details/ICS-002

Albert Theuwissen and Guy Meynants (2021), “Welcome to the World of Single-Slope Column-Level Analog-to-Digital Converters for CMOS Image Sensors”, Foundations and TrendsĀ® in Integrated Circuits and Systems: Vol. 1: No. 1, pp 1-71. http://dx.doi.org/10.1561/3500000002