On Mars!

Nice to see that first image – captured by the CMV20000 image sensor inside the rover’s engineering cameras. I can’t wait to see the full resolution pictures. A great milestone for the entire team that developed this chip back at CMOSIS. Who could have thought at that time that this imager would ever end up on […]

On its way to Mars!

Last week Nasa launched the Mars 2020 Perseverance rover, which is featuring nine CMV20000 20 Mpixel image sensors that we had developed at CMOSIS. All the engineering cameras on the rover use this device, which were selected as commercial off-the-shelf devices, suited for this job. Eight imagers are used for autonomous and manual navigation of […]

Cool Solar Orbiter EUI and PHI images

We developed the extreme-uv sensitive backside thinned CMOS imagers for the EUI instrument at CMOSIS in collaboration with ROB (Brussels) and CSL (Liege). That was a truly Belgian project, rare to see that happen in our kingdom today. Great to see the detectors in full action now, delivering stunning images. Also the PHI instrument, for […]

Solar Orbiter Launch

Feb 10th was a nice day for me. I woke up early in the morning to watch ESA’s video stream of the launch of Solar Orbiter from Cape Canaveral. This ESA mission explores the physics and behavior of our Sun. We worked on the image sensor detectors for two out of the ten instruments on […]