Cool Solar Orbiter EUI and PHI images

Update 31/3/2022: ESA has published new high-resolution images taken with the EUI. You can see the sun in detail as never before:

We developed the extreme-uv sensitive backside thinned CMOS imagers for the EUI instrument at CMOSIS in collaboration with ROB (Brussels) and CSL (Liege). That was a truly Belgian project, rare to see that happen in our kingdom today.

Great to see the detectors in full action now, delivering stunning images. Also the PHI instrument, for which we developed the imagers and built by Max Planck Institute for Solar Physics, shows great pictures. Check ESA’s article and movie:

Here’s ESA movie telling more about the mission and the the ‘first light’ for the orbiter’s instruments, including EUI and PHI:

More on EUI detector design can be found, for example in the paper accessible via this link. Check also other publications in my publication list: